Dear Whitpain neighbor and friend, 



Eileen K. Stephenson
Whitpain Township
Tax Collector

I have been advised by my developers that the bug fixes and upgrades for the Tax Collector Assistant web app will not be ready for the 2021 School and Library property tax collection. Consequently, it is difficult to announce that the Tax Collection Assistant - is postponed until further notice. I look forward to the Tax Collector Assistant 2.0 (TCA) being up and ready soon and am excited about the many upgrades and modules I have planned. If you want to continue to pay your taxes online, please use the payment portals on the resident’s page on the website

Speaking to residents, who use their Bank’s bill payer to pay their property taxes, for the upcoming School & Library Tax Collection, I advise NOT USING your bank’s Online Bill Payment Service. Bank’s are not equipped to include your payment coupon. Please pay your bill by personal check including the coupon, or online on the residents page using MasterCard, VISA, American Express or Discover cards and eCheck.

The Whitpain Tax Collector’s Office can no longer easily provide paper copies of your bill. Please keep track of the bill and include your coupon with your payment. If you require a stamped receipt for your records or for the PA Property Tax Rebate program, please include the tax payer copy and the Tax Collector Copy Coupon along with a SASE. Machine receipts will soon be unavailable.