Duplicate Tax Bill – $5 each
Bulk Certifications – $5 each parcel
Express Mail Fee – Available if Escrow Holder provides a prepaid mailer.
No Rush or Personal Delivery Services available.

To Order:

Convenience for Ordering Bulk Certifications – 20 or more parcels

By ordering your certifications via email, all requests will be processed in the order in which they are received. Returning your requests via email ensures the confidentiality of your data. Please email all requests to

The Request File

  1. Must be in an Excel-readable format: .xlsx, .xls, .csv (PDFs cannot be processed)
  2. Must be in tabular format, with all data being in distinct columns, and all records being in distinct rows
  3. All payment files must have appropriate headers detailing content of each column
  4. All requests must contain the following information in order to be processed:
      • Name and telephone number of requesting person
      • Return email address (if different from requesting address)
      • Parcel number – 12-digits (without dashes)
      • Owner name
      • Address of property

    Your request file will be returned via email in Excel format.

The Payment File

  1. At the time a Request for Bulk Certifications is emailed, a payment file must be submitted in addition to any moneys rendered. This file must be formatted as follows or tax payment processing will be delayed. (Unnecessary delays can cause Whitpain taxpayers to become ineligible for a 2% discount on taxes due or incur a 10% penalty.)
      • All files must be in an Excel-readable format – .xlsx, .xls, .csv (PDFs cannot be processed)
      • All data must be in tabular format, in distinct columns, and all records in distinct rows
      • All payment files must have appropriate headers detailing content of each column
      • All record rows must have a 12-digit parcel number (without dashes), amount paid, check number and name of the bank paying for the resident
  2. The charge for Bulk Certifications for taxes payable after July 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018 is $1.50 per parcel, which is due when emailing the request.
  3. Requests cannot be processed if fees have not been paid.