1. When does the school tax bill come out and how do I know if I’m eligible for any discounts?

A. The Wissahickon School District Tax is billed and mailed during the month of July. Regarding any discounts, you will have to file a Property Tax Relief Application for Homestead & Farmstead Exclusion. A link to the form is on this site. Click on the Resident’s tab, in the third column there is a link to the form.

2. I’ve heard one can pay their school taxes in installments. How does that work?

A. When you receive your bill, you will receive 3 coupons. Your school tax is automatically divided into 3 equal installments. Simply pay the first installment before July 31st and you’re automatically enrolled. The second installment is due before September 15th; the third is due before October 31st. If, for whatever reason, two of your payments are more than 10 days late, you’ll be ineligible to use this option in the following fiscal year. Of course, if you pay the entire amount before August 31st, you’re entitled to a 2% discount (this is detailed on your bill). The full amount is due no later than October 31st. After the deadline, you will be subject to a 10% penalty fee.

3. Why did I get a copy of my tax bill in the mail this year? Doesn’t it automatically go to my mortgage company?

A. Pennsylvania law requires that I send a copy of your tax bill to you. Taxpayers are responsible to make payment by June 30 in order to avoid a penalty. Mailing you a copy makes sure that you are aware that payment is due. Some mortgage processors contact my office to ask for data on the mortgages for which they hold tax payments and which we provide. However, many banks and mortgage companies do not contact us. If your mortgage processor is not listed below, you need to send them a copy of your tax bill immediately so that they can make timely payment of your taxes. If you need a duplicate bill to send, use the Request Form at the bottom of the Resident’s page to request one and we’ll email it to you.

4. I did not get my bill in the mail and I hear it looks different. What’s going on?

A. ​Your tax bill has been redesigned, that’s why it looks different. It has been reformatted to provide you with more data regarding your property tax and include more information regarding “Ways To Pay”. The redesign also features a barcode. The incorporation of barcoding maximizes accuracy and confidentiality.

If you have not received your tax bill and you’ve had a change in your mailing address, or a change of ownership for your property and have not recently checked with Montgomery County Property Records, please contact me by email. Or, mail a letter to the county to update your records. Both MCPR and I are working diligently to rectify this issue.

5. What’s an interim bill and can I get one for my county, township and school district taxes?

A. Things change. Someone adds a new deck to their house, or suffers a fire. The assessed value of the property changes and as a result the taxes due to the county, township and school district can change. When this happens, these taxing authorities issue an interim bill that adjusts the tax amount due to reflect your change of circumstance. And yes, you can get one for all three – Montgomery County, Whitpain Township and Wissahickon School District.

6. It’s coming up to June 30 and penalty deadline. I can’t find my bill. What do I do?

A. The law provides that taxpayers must pay their taxes when due (June 30) or pay a penalty equal to 10% of the tax payment due – even if they lost their bill, even if they never got a bill. As soon as you realize you didn’t get or can’t find your bill, contact my office and we’ll work with you to get you a duplicate. Once the face period ends on June 30 however, we will not be able to extend the time for taxpayers to make payment and avoid the penalty.